Abrupt lane change by car driver, but biker also speeding: Netizens debate on who's at fault in PIE accident

A video of an accident along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) yesterday morning (Aug 15), involving a car and a motorcycle, has been circulating on Facebook. 

The video, shared on Beh Chia Lor’s Facebook page by user Joanne Loh, showed a grey Hyundai SJS1040J making an abrupt lane change. 

A motorcyclist who was speeding on the left of the vehicle was unable to move out of the way and crashed into the Hyundai.

The resulting collision also sent the motorcyclist and his bike flying to the left side of the road.

With regard to the video, some netizens blamed the accident on the Hyundai driver for his reckless lane change and not signalling earlier. 

Others cited that the accident could have been avoided if the motorcyclist had been travelling at a slower speed. 

Said one Facebook user:

“I would agree that the car is responsible for causing the accident. 

“But in my honest opinion, I really do not agree with bikes to go faster than the average traffic speed while lane splitting. 

“I am not against lane splitting but if the traffic is slow, I do hope my fellow biker friends will take extra precautions and ride slower too. 

“Let's not point fingers, let's just look out for one another and keep our roads safe.”

Another user added:

“Sorry to say the motor bike is wrong. 

“Firstly, bikes should not squeeze in between lanes. 

“Hence the car is already got in the lane with signal.”

What do you think?