Aaron Kwok to fulfil promise of giving ang baos to everyone in Hong Kong by donating total sum to charity

'Heavenly King' Aaron Kwok said he would fulfil a promise made 24 years ago — to give everyone in Hong Kong an ang bao if he was to ever get married — by pooling the sum of money and donating it to charity.

The superstar did not disclose how much would be donated, but going by rough estimates, even if everyone was entitled just a Hong Kong dollar (HKD), it would amount to $7,340,000 HKD or $1,240,000.

Twenty-four years ago, Kwok, then 29, said during a variety show interview:

“Hope one day I’ll get married. I’ll distribute red packets and everyone will get them.

“I’ve said this before, the whole of Hong Kong will receive my ang baos.”

Kwok now 52, and Chinese actress-model Moka Fang, 30, wedded in April 2017. 

The two welcomed a baby daughter in September. 

Recently, netizens have pointed out that Kwok should deliver on his promise, with some commenting that he has probably forgotten about it.

A netizen even added:

“He (Kwok) probably did not expect Hong Kong's population to swell to over million today.”

Kwok appeared at an event on Tuesday and reporters asked him if he intended to keep his promise, reports Shin Min Daily News

Laughing, Kwok said:

“I saw the video of myself. That was over 20 years ago and I was still young. 

“I’m all grown up now, and I will fulfil my promise!”

However, he said that it was not possible to send red packets to everyone.

As such he will pool together the amount and donate it to a charity of his choice. 

Kwok added:

“I hope to share this joyous fortune. I’m thinking of donating the money to UNICEF.“