9-year-old boy chased man who molested his mother in Chinese Gardens, culprit arrested 2 days later

David Sun
The New Paper
August 19, 2019

Seeing his mother molested, the nine-year-old boy chased the culprit but couldn't catch him.

But Mustaqim Ibrahim, 31, was arrested two days later and, last Thursday, pleaded guilty to one count of molesting the 40-year-old British woman.

On July 17, the victim was at the Chinese Gardens at Jurong with her three children.

At about 1.30pm, she was crossing a bridge to a playground with her children when she saw Mustaqim walking towards her.

Mustaqim found her attractive and as she walked past him, he came at her from the side and molested her.

She immediately turned and shouted at him, and he fled. She and her son chased Mustaqim but he escaped.

A staff member at the Chinese Gardens later called the police, who tracked Mustaqim down after checking footage from surveillance cameras in the area.

Mustaqim was arrested two days later.

District Judge May Mesenas called for a probation suitability report, with sentencing set for Sept 5. Mustaqim was offered bail of $10,000.

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