$800 reward for missing parrot that was raised 'just like a human' since he was a baby

Submitted by Stomper Jojo

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His name is Ahsiso.

A $800 reward has been offered for the safe return of a sun conure parrot that has been missing since Sept 16.

Stomper JoJo, who lives in Block 550 Choa Chu Kang Street 52, said the bird is like a family member.

"This sun conure is with me since he was a baby," she told Stomp.

"I raised the parrot just like a human. I patted him to sleep every night. After he is showered, he would be rolled in the towel and have his feathers blown with a hair dryer."

Jojo explained how Ahsiso went missing: "I let him freely fly at home. He always sneaks out to have fun outside the flat. Sometimes he could fly back from the front to the back of the flat.

"If he lost his way, he would scream to alert me of his location. From the sounds, I could find him and bring him home.

"This time was so different. After a few calls, he disappeared."

The Stomper has been searching for Ahsiso since then.

"I put up posters and walked from block to block calling out but still no response," she said.

"I have posted in Facebook groups for my lost baby and I believe that the person who found him didn’t belong in any groups and might not be aware that the owner is looking for him.

"I am hoping that the finder is a Stomp reader."

Have you found Ahsiso?