76 summonses issued against heavy vehicles drivers for offences including speeding, failing to keep left

A total of 76 summonses were issued to 76 heavy vehicle drivers following an operation conducted by Traffic Police on Sep 6.

The summonses were meted out for various traffic offences such as speeding and failing to keep left on expressways.

In the first half of 2018, the total number of fatal accidents involving heavy vehicles decreased from 10 to 20.

Traffic accidents involving heavy vehicles remain a concern, however, as they can cause greater damage and have a higher chance of fatalities.

Heavy vehicles accounted for 18% of the total number of fatal accidents in the first half of 2018.

It is very important for heavy vehicle drivers to obey all traffic rules and regulations as they spend many hours on the road and are always on a tight schedule.

The Traffic Police continues to adopt a tough stance towards errant heavy vehicle drivers who do not comply with traffic rules.

The Traffic Police also urges all road users to play their part by following traffic rules and regulations, adopting good road sense and also to look out for one another.