$7.50 for bowl of glass noodles is worse than daylight robbery, says diner

Submitted by Stomper GY

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Most of us are willing to pay for the convenience of takeaway meals but how much is too much?

Stomper GY shared with Stomp that he was charged $7.50 for a bowl of glass noodles with a basic topping on Oct 28.

He declined to reveal the eatery's name but said that it was in the northern region.

"I saw Stomp's article about a woman describing being charged $7 for sotong as 'daylight robbery' but mine was worse," said GY.

"It was just a bowl of glass noodles with shredded don't-know-what and it cost me $7.50!"

It was the first time GY had patronised this particular eatery but needless to say, it was also likely his last.

When asked how much he felt would have been a fair price to charge for the meal, he replied: $4 to $5.

"Interestingly, a lot of eateries seem to be 'overcharging'," he said.