7-year-old girl shows appreciation for healthcare workers with inspiring artwork

Submitted by Stomper Yi

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When the Covid-19 pandemic hit Singapore, seven-year-old Ruoxi did not like or understand why she had to wear a face mask.

That is until her parents explained things to her.

With Singapore entering Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) recently, the Jing Shan Primary School student was inspired to make a statement in her own way.

She worked on a drawing to not only show her appreciation for all healthcare workers, but also to encourage everyone to stay safe and responsible during these trying times.

Ruoxi's mother, Stomper Yi, said: "She was inspired after we showed her videos about how all the doctors and nurses are working so hard to keep us safe.

"She wanted to show her appreciation and tell them to keep it up.

"She also hoped to encourage all children to put on their masks when outside and stay home if they can, as it's the best way to protect themselves and their family."

According to the Stomper, Ruoxi spent two days on the artwork.

Yi added: "Ruoxi wanted to let everyone know that we can definitely overcome the pandemic if we work together and do our part."