$7 chicken rice with 'minimal meat' from Hougang 1 Kopitiam food court 'really unacceptable'

Submitted by Stomper Leo

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Update on Oct 12:

Hougang 1 stall owner: Stomper was served 'chicken tail meat', bones can be removed on request

Original article:

For $7, she expected more.

A woman found the $7 chicken rice from the Kopitiam food court in Hougang 1 to be overpriced for its meagre portions.

Sharing a photo of the food, Stomper Leo said: "My daughter bought two packets of chicken rice for $14.60 on Saturday (Oct 8)."

The Stomper described the food as "only a thin layer of rice and a few pieces of chicken with only literally skin and bones attached".

She said: "With very minimal meat and some vegetables, how can this be considered a set meal?

"And it’s just a stall inside Hougang 1 Kopitiam!

"Without a drink, soup or egg, $7 is too much to ask for this kind of portion and quality.

"I understand that inflation causes prices to rise, but this is really unacceptable."

Shrinkflation strikes again?