7 cabbies face up to $500 fine, suspension or loss of licence for overcharging at MBS and Changi Airport

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) took enforcement action against seven taxi drivers on Dec 15 for overcharging offences.

The offences were committed between September 2023 and early December 2023 at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and Changi Airport.

Four drivers were found to have overcharged passengers by collecting fares exceeding the metered fare.

Two of them had collected a fare that was less than $20 above the metered fare, an offence which carries a penalty of 12 demerit points.

The two other drivers had collected a fare that was $20 or more above the metered fare, which carries a penalty of 21 demerit points.

The fine for both offences is $500.

Under LTA’s Vocational Licence Demerit Points System, an accumulation of six demerit points or more would result in the suspension of the vocational licence while 21 demerit points or more would result in the revocation of the vocational licence.

The four drivers were offered an opportunity to compound their offences instead of being charged in court.

The remaining three drivers were found to have demanded fares beyond the metered fare but the passengers did not accept the ride. These drivers were offered an opportunity to compound their offences at $100. Upon compounding their offences, they will be further penalised with three demerit points.

LTA will proceed to charge the seven taxi drivers in court if they do not accept the offer of composition.

The authority said it has worked with MBS, where there have been more incidents of touting and overcharging, to enhance traffic circulation and manage the taxi queue along the driveway of the integrated resort.

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In addition, MBS will be setting up a limousine service counter at the driveway to provide the public with a premium service option, should they opt not to join the queue for a metered taxi. This is to ensure that limousine transport services are carried out properly.

LTA added that it takes a serious view of touting and overcharging.

"Such practices by a minority of drivers compromise the interests of passengers, and undermine the integrity and reputation of the point-to-point passenger transport industry," said LTA.

"We will be stepping up enforcement efforts during this festive period and will not hesitate to take errant drivers to task. We will also continue to conduct frequent checks at high-traffic areas, potential hotspots and locations reported to LTA by members of the public.

It was previously reported in November that cabbies at MBS were asking for $65 to go to Orchard Road.

"It's raining and there's a traffic jam. So it costs $65."

Posted by Stomp on Monday, 27 November 2023

You are encouraged to report incidents of touting, overcharging or drivers refusing to use the taximeter through feedback@LTA.gov.sg or the e-service “Report Vehicle-Related Offences” a www.OneMotoring.lta.gov.sg.

To facilitate investigations, they should provide information such as the vehicle’s registration plate number (where possible), date, time and a brief account of the incident.