60cm-long crocodile crawls out from drain at Sungei Buloh

Submitted by Stomper Avi

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Stomper Avi was at the Dragonfly Pod in Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve at 10.17am last Friday (Sep 7) when he spotted a crocodile that was about 60cm in length.

In a photo taken by Avi, the crocodile is seen near the edge of the water.

Avi expressed surprise at the possibility of the breeding of crocodiles in Singapore.

He said: "Are they breeding in Singapore now? I am used to seeing crocodiles in Sungei Buloh but today's sighting surprised me.

"The crocodile seemed like a baby one as it was only about two feet (60cm) long, usually I see longer ones.

"It crawled out from a drain and got into the pond."

Avi speculated about crocodiles breeding in a canal, since the crocodile he saw had crawled out from the drain. 

"They are now breeding well in Singapore, I guess. And right under our feet," he said. 

However, should you encounter a crocodile, you are advised to:

  • Stay calm and back away

  • Not approach, provoke or feed the animal

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