$5.30 for nasi padang with chicken wing, egg and lady's finger is 'super expensive', says man

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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How much would you pay for a plate of rice with one chicken wing, one fried egg and lady's finger at a coffee shop?

Stomper Anonymous feels that forking out $5.30 for it is "super expensive and overpriced".

Anonymous said that he had lunch at a coffee shop at Block 304 Serangoon Avenue 2 on Tuesday (Sep 15), at around 1pm.

He was surprised by how much his meal from Dju Dju Nasi Padang cost.

Anonymous told Stomp: "There was no price tag to refer to.

"My friend also complained that food from this stall is very expensive.

"If I bought the same meal from a normal rice stall, the most it would cost is $3.30."

Asked how much he felt would be considered a reasonable price for his food, the Stomper said: "$3.50."