51-year-old Chuando Tan reveals how he looks just as good, if not better than his younger self

Chuando Tan, the 51-year-old photographer who stunned the world with his youthful looks and chiselled physique has revealed the secret to his ‘immortality’.

Born Tan Chuan Do, and the youngest of three children, Chuando started modelling at 16 and started singing when he was in his 20’s under the name Chen Yufei, before going into photography. 

At 185cm and 78kg, the ex-singer recited his mantra during an interview with The Straits Times: 70 per cent get, and 30 per cent diet.

Practising what he preaches, Chuando only took a piece of french toast, some vegetables, and six hard boiled eggs during the buffet appointment.

He promptly finished the egg whites, insisting on a healthy diet instead of simply fasting. 

Other than protein intakes, Chuando said that he also drinks a lot of plain water, while abstaining from coffee, tea, alcohol and smoking.

As for his beloved ice creams and durians, he would still indulge in occasional treats.

Other than his diet, exercising also plays a vital part.

He hits the gym three to five times every week, with each trip lasting about 90 minutes.

Chuando also swims, and revealed that due to a knee injury, he does not run, but speed-walks on treadmills. 

In response to many asking him if he had undergone plastic surgery, he confessed that he had once had a Botox treatment done around his eyes, but did not like the results.

Hence, he chose not to continue.

Chuando said that his newfound fame had drawn criticisms from many netizens, but added that others have told him that he was their source of inspiration for healthy living, something he feels comforted by. 

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