5-year-old Chinese girl seriously injured after imitating cartoon character and jumping down 11 storeys with open umbrella

A 5-year-old Chinese girl suffered serious injuries after imitating a scene from a cartoon, and jumped from the 11th storey with an open umbrella.

The incident happened in Xinjiang, China last Saturday (Mar 4), and the girl landed on a fourth-storey balcony after she took the plunge, reports Lianhe Wanbao.

The girl is currently in an intensive care unit. 

The victims’s father told reporters that his wife had left her daughter at home alone to watch cartoons while she went off to work in a mall.

When he could not find his daughter after he returned home from work, he called his wife to ask about her whereabouts, but his wife told him that she had not seen her either. 

The man panicked and went about asking his neighbours if they had seen his daughter, until he returned home and found one of the windows open. 

He looked down, and saw his daughter lying on a balcony on the fourth storey.

The man quickly called for an ambulance and the girl was conveyed to a hospital. 

The girl suffered serious concussion, brain contusions ad external spinal injuries, and multiple fractures among many other injuries. 

When the doctors asked the victim why she had jumped, she reportedly told them that she was imitating a character from her favourite cartoon, ‘Boonie Bears’. 

She found an umbrella in the house, took her school bag and attempted to ‘fly’ down the building.