49-year-old motorcyclist dies after accident on CTE

Submitted by Stomper Low, Stella

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A 49-year-old motorcyclist died in a traffic accident along the Central Expressway (CTE) yesterday night (July 14) at around 9pm.

Stomper Low and Stella alerted Stomp to the accident.

Stella sent in a video, showing a jam on the expressway.

In the video, two police patrol vehicles, an ambulance, as well as a tow truck could be spotted, parked across several lanes on the road.

A blue police tent could also be seen.

Low told Stomp in a phone interview that he was stuck in a massive jam from Chin Swee Road towards the exit to Pan Island Expressway (PIE) at around 10.15pm.

Said Low: “Some friends told me that there had been an accident.

"The jam was really quite bad."

Stomp contacted the SCDF and Police for official statements on the incident.

In response to Stomp’s media query, a SCDF spokeman said: “SCDF received a call for medical assistance at CTE towards SLE, near the Jalan Bahagia exit, at around 9pm.

“An ambulance was dispatched to the scene, where male Indian in his forties was pronounced dead on arrival.”

The Police have also issued an official statement on the accident:

"On July 14, at around 9pm, the Police were alerted to an accident involving a car and a motorcycle along CTE towards SLE, before PIE exit. 

"A 49-year-old male motorcyclist was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. 

"Police investigations are ongoing."