4 teens arrested for allegedly planning to commit robbery in black masks along Bishan St 12

Four youths aged between 14 and 16 have been arrested for allegedly planning to commit robbery along Bishan Street 12.

In a news release, the Police said that they were alerted to a case of men donning black masks on July 16 at about 12.56am, at the aforementioned location.

Officers from Tanglin Police Division responded swiftly and managed to detain four suspects along Bishan Road.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects had planned to commit robbery earlier in the vicinity but subsequently decided to abandon their plans.

Police investigations are ongoing.

The offence of Criminal Conspiracy to Commit Robbery is punishable by an imprisonment term of not less than two years and not more than 10 years, and at least six strokes of the cane.

If the robbery is committed after 7pm and before 7am, the offender is liable to a jail term not less than three years and not more than 14 years, and at least 12 strokes of the cane.