32-year-old man arrested for using counterfeit Malaysian Ringgit in Singapore

A 32-year-old man has been arrested for using counterfeit Malaysian Ringgit in two cases in Singapore.

On Jan 9, a 67-year-old man went to the police after receiving two pieces of counterfeit Malaysian Ringgit, the police said in a news release.

One was a RM100 bill, and the other was a RM50 bill.

After conducting follow-up investigations, officers from the Commercial Affairs Department arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with the case along Woodlands Centre Road on Jan 20.

Preliminary investigations revealed his suspected involvement in another case of using counterfeit Malaysian Ringgit.

Investigations are ongoing.

Anyone convicted of using counterfeit currency notes as genuine ones can be jailed for up to 20 years and fined.

The police advised the public to adopt the following measures if a suspected counterfeit currency note is received.

  • Delay the presenter, if possible, and call the police at '999' immediately;
  • Observe the presenter's description, such as gender, race, age, height, built, clothing, language/dialect spoken and any special features such as tattoo marks as well as that of any companions;
  • Note the vehicle registration number (if any); and
  • Limit the handling of the suspected counterfeit note and place it in a protective covering, such as an envelope, to prevent any tampering, and hand it over to the police immediately.​