$300 reward offered for new 256GB iPhone X that woman left on Grab ride

Submitted by Stomper Rakhi

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Stomper Rakhi is offering a $300 reward for the return of her iPhone X which she had left behind on a Grab ride.

Her iPhone X is Space Grey with 256GB of storage with a Apple silicone case.

On Dec 29, at around 12pm, she booked a JustGrab ride from Kerrisdale Condominium to Suntec City. She reached Suntec City at 12.25pm and by the time she had realised it was missing, it was already 1.30pm.

She then called the Grab driver who told her that he did not have her phone.

Using the Find my iPhone app, she noticed that her phone switched off along New Industrial Road "at exactly 1.17pm".

The Stomper then contacted Grab, who informed her that the second passenger had alighted around the same time where her phone was switched off.

However, according to the Stomper, Grab told her that the other passenger did not have her phone.

She also states that she has gotten the phone blocked by Apple and StarHub "so it is of no use to anyone".

"But if you return the phone to me, I will reward you with $300," said Rakhi.

Rakhi added, "My phone has a lot of pictures and personal data (that) I will never be able to retrieve, so I urge you to please return it to me if you have taken it by mistake or found it."

If you have found her iPhone X, kindly email Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp 9384 3761.