30 residents evacuate after fire breaks out in bedroom of Tampines flat

Submitted by Stomper Catherine, Fiq

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A fire broke out in the bedroom of a third-storey unit at Block 886 Tampines Street 83 on Jan 13.

Stompers Catherine and Fiq sent in videos of the fire.

Stomper Fiq said: "I live in the same block and same level as the unit that caught on fire.

"I was having breakfast and watching television when I smelt something burning.

"I immediately rushed to the kitchen because I thought there was food burning, but I saw that my neighbour's flat was on fire instead."

He said that he stepped out of his flat to film the videos which he sent to Stomp.

In the videos he took, wisps of black smoke and flames can be seen through the window of the unit.

Many residents can be seen at the foot of the block filming and watching the fire too.

A Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) fire engine subsequently arrives and officers prepare to put out the blaze.

Stomper Fiq can be heard chanting: "Hurry up. Hurry up."

SCDF officers are then seen using the hose to spray a jet of water into the unit.

Thick grey smoke diffused into the air as sirens blared in the background.

Stomper Catherine captured the incident from the foot of the block.

In one of the videos she sent, the SCDF fire engine can be seen parked at the foot of the block while grey smoke rises out of the unit.

In response to a Stomp query, the SCDF said: "The SCDF responded to a fire at Block 886 Tampines Street 83 at about 10.20am on Jan 13.

"The fire involving contents of a bedroom of a third-floor unit was extinguished by SCDF using a water jet and a compressed air foam backpack.

"About thirty residents self-evacuated prior to SCDF's arrival.

"There were no reported injuries and the cause of fire is under investigation."

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