$30 power bank bought overseas splits open, emits "pungent smell"

Submitted by Stomper Casey

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A power bank, which was bought in Hong Kong and cost about S$30, malfunctioned shortly after a few months.

According to Stomper Casey, his wife had bought his daughter the power bank around January this year and was shocked to see that it had malfunctioned last Monday (Aug 6).

He said: "She left it by her bedside and got a shock the next morning.

"The batteries in the power bank had expanded and forced the casing open, and the power bank wasn't even being charged at that moment. 

"It also emitted a pungent smell. Luckily, nothing was near it.

"The power bank was also seldom used by my daughter, I only saw her using it recently and this happened. Thank goodness it didn't catch fire.

"I just want to highlight to the public to remind everyone not to put power banks into their pockets as it may cause bodily injury, and to buy only good quality, reputable power banks."