3 e-scooter riders without helmets speed and beat red light along Sims Avenue East

Three e-scooter riders were seen speeding and running a red light along Sims Avenue East towards Bedok yesterday (Sep 18) at 10.40pm.

According to ROADS.sg which posted a video of the incident, the e-scooters riders were going at speeds of more than 50kmh.

Said a caption accompanying the video: "These guys were going over 50kmh. My speedo reads 50kmh, and all three of them beat the red light. Potentially endangering the pedestrian if she decided to cross faster."

All the three riders were not wearing helmets.

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LTA needs to put more effort on night duty for enforcement on PMDs, as most of these daredevils only start appearing...

Posted by ROADS.sg onĀ Tuesday, 18 September 2018

ROADS.sg added that "these daredevils only start appearing from 10pm onwards".