3 co-workers befriend each other in Singapore -- then realise they have same birthday

Submitted by Stomper Cola

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Stomper Cola, a Malaysian who has been working in Singapore for six years, got to know two other colleagues who share the same birthday as her. 

During her time in the company, Cola got to know a Chinese colleague with the same birthday, who has been working in Singapore for the past eight years. 

At a small gathering of colleagues last week, Cola got to know another new Vietnamese colleague who started working in the firm just barely four months ago.

During their conversation, Cola casually asked her about her birthday and was surprised to find out that she too shared the same birthday, Oct 19.

When she told her other Chinese colleague about the coincidence, they decided to have a pre-birthday meal together to celebrate.

On Wednesday (Oct 18), the trio gathered at a restaurant in Chinatown for a meal.

Said Cola:

“We are 3 people from different countries, meet at Singapore, (work in the) same company and then we share the same birthday. 

“This is such a surprising coincidence.”