27-year-old man who fell into water at Clarke Quay on Sunday still missing

A 27-year-old man suspected to have been drunk fell into the Singapore River along Clarke Quay on Sunday (Jun 25) at around 5am, and has yet to be found, despite ongoing search and rescue operations.

The incident happened on a floating platforms near two boats, and the man’s family lodged a police report when he did not return home by Sunday afternoon, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

It is understood that the two boats are used by the restaurant ‘Hot Stones’ as a dining area. 

Police officers checked the surveillance cameras in the vicinity and discovered that the man had fallen into the river some 10 hours before, prompting the organisation of search and rescue operations. 

When reporters visited the scene on Sunday at 5pm, the police had cordoned off the platform.  

There were also large number of SCDF and police officers, along with five close friends and family members of the man. 

As of today (Jun 27), the man has been missing for more than 50 hours. 

A Hot Stones spokesperson told reporters that when the police requested to seal off the two boats, officers told her that a man who was suspected to be drunk had fallen into the river on Sunday at around 5am, while sitting at said platform. 

As of now (Jun 27), search operations are ongoing.