23 injured in Jurong Island accident: Video shows how lorry hit 2 buses

Submitted by Stomper Robert

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A video of the three-vehicle accident that occurred along Jurong Island Highway on Wednesday (Jan 9) shows how the collision happened.

The accident, which involved a lorry and two buses, saw 23 people taken to hospital.

Stomper Robert sent Stomp a video circulating on WhatsApp, which shows how the accident took place.

Stomp understands that those taken to hospital were all passengers from one bus, which can be seen travelling on the leftmost lane on the highway in the video.

A lorry travelling at full speed then crashes head-on into the bus.

The second bus, which did not have any passengers onboard, can be seen passing by. It gets sideswiped on its right when the lorry shakes from the impact of the head-on collision.

The men onboard the lorry, who are workers of a nearby petrochemical company, are seen to be visibly shaken up.

Some of them exit the lorry while some check on the wellbeing of others who are seated down.

A spokesman of the company told Lianhe Zaobao that the men will be allowed back to work after two to three days of recuperation.

Zaobao also reported that the lorry driver, who was arrested in relation to the case, suffered minor injuries and refused to be taken to hospital.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), a passenger who was trapped in the lorry was rescued using hydraulic tools. It is understood that the passenger had his foot stuck in the lorry.

Police investigations are ongoing.