22-year-old Muay Thai fighter's journey from fighting in school to peak of boxing fraternity

While others may have just embarked on their budding careers at age 22, Brandon Ng already stands at the peak of Singapore's Muay Thai stage.

Ever since chancing upon a YouTube Muay Thai video when he was 14, Brandon knew instinctively that this was the career for him. 

Taken by the elegance and technicality of the martial arts, Brandon and a group of friends emulated moves they saw online, sparring in the toilets at school. 

They could not afford the hefty fees to a Muay Thai gym. 

Said Brandon: "While others fight to settle their problems, I fought because I enjoyed the thrill of the fights."

He would often challenge five to six people in sequence. 

His antics did not go unnoticed, however.

Upon catching the eye of a counsellor, Brandon was introduced to a formal Muay Thai gym where he could train under the proper tutelage.

Brandon knew he had found his place.

Alas, he was forced to stop training when he could not afford the monthly $100 fees after just one session.

Despite working odd jobs, he had to stop for a few months.

In a stroke of luck, Brandon struck lottery.

With his winnings, he was able to resume classes for a few months. 

His teacher nominated him for various Muay Thai competitions, including the prestigious Lumpinee Muay Thai Competition, an event reserved for the best fighter in Thailand. 

Although he held little hopes of winning, Brandon knew he could not back out.

He fought through five tough battles and stood toe to toe with a formidable Indonesian fighter.

With sheer will and unparalleled skills, Brandon knocked his adversary out and was crowned the winner. 

Since his unexpected win seven years ago, Brandon, known as Bardon in the ring, has fought in many renditions of Lumpinee. 

Despite his extraordinary skills, Brandon professed that he has never gotten into brawls outside.

In his words, the kind of places he goes to 'aren't wow', and he prefers to spend his time training in the gym instead.

Lastly, we asked the fighter how he feels about his impending fight at the Asian Fighting Championships (AFC).

Without hesitation, Brandon told us that he will knock his opponent out -- and we won't be betting against that. 

Check out Brandon's story in the video below.