22-year-old Malaysian beauty sells ice cream, but sets hearts ablaze

An ice-cream seller in Malaysia is turning up the heat with her beauty, despite the cold dessert that she is dishing out.

Noor Syamimi Azhari, 22, garnered attention online after a video showing her selling ice cream while riding her father's motorcycle like a professional went viral.

Photos also show children clamouring around her mobile stall and waiting for their turn to be served.

According to The Coverage, adoring netizens have dubbed her the 'Si Cantik Penjual Aiskrim', which means 'Beautiful Ice Cream Seller'.

Syamimi is a Biology student who is in her final year at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

She has been helping her father with his ice cream business ever since graduating from secondary school four years ago.

Her beauty is more than just skin deep, however.

Syamimi told reporters that her father had raised her by selling ice cream and therefore, she was not ashamed to fill his shoes during semester breaks.

She said, "He put me through school and university from selling ice cream so this is one way I could repay him, by helping him to improve his business."

Asked about the attention that she has been receiving online, the filial and humble beauty responded, "It was a bit awkward when I was called such but I am looking at this positively because it can help my father’s business."

Awek cun jual eskrim.. hehe, laku la kedai pasni kak.. ini barulah.. bukan setakat lawa, rajin pula buat kerja.. alangkah berserinya istana beta... mmm Kredit: Metafora Anafora Lokasi: Langkawi

Posted by Siakap Keli on Monday, 26 June 2017