$2,000 reward for finding cat that escaped in Clementi during relocation

Submitted by Stomper Briony

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A $2,000 reward is being offered to locate Stomper Briony's pet cat named Rosie that ran away during transportation by a pet relocation company.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that Rosie was last seen on Monday (Jul 17) at around 12pm.

She told Stomp that her cat had just finished a pre-flight check-up at a veterinary clinic located along Clementi Street 11.

According to her, handlers from a pet relocation company she engaged then opened the door of Rosie's carrier at a nearby carpark. The feline ran out thereafter and has not been seen since.

Briony has spent the last two days searching for Rosie and intends to continue the search. 

Other than residential estates, she also plans to search the woodland areas around Clementi Road and Sunset Way. 

The Stomper is moving to Hong Kong on Friday and hopes that Rosie will be found before that.

She described her cat in an email:

"Rosie has a long, straight black tail.  Her colour markings are tri-colour white, black and ginger. She has a very white chest and tummy. Her hair is short but quite fluffy and very soft. 

"She might respond to 'Rosie' being called and biscuits being shaken. She is very shy and doesn't often go to anyone but me or my kids. If Rosie is sighted, best thing is to gently call her and sit down and tap the ground while calling her name in a high pitched voice."

 Briony also said that her family is very affected by what happened but she is touched by the help that she has received.

The Stomper elaborated:

"We are all distraught. My two children are in tears.

"The outpouring of love, compassion and willingness to help from both the expat and local communities have been outstanding."

If you have any information about Rosie, please email Stomp (stomp@stomp.com.sg) or send us a message through WhatsApp (9384 3761).