2 women robbed at knifepoint after getting lured to rented condominium by men 'selling handbags'

Two men pretended to sell handbags and conned victims into visiting a condominium unit that they rented — just to rob them at knifepoint.

The incident happened on May 25, 2016, in a condominium unit at Lorong Limau, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

A 39-year-old accused has been sentenced to seven years in prison and 12 strokes of the cane, while his 43-year-old accomplice is still under trial. 

The two allegedly threatened two victims with a knife and tied their hands and feet with tape, taking away S$100,000 in cheque and a Rolex watch worth S$31,000.

One of the two victim, a 47-year-old woman ran a shop in Far East Plaza selling branded bags, while 43-year-old accomplice was an ex-customer.

A day before the robbery, the suspect called the store owner to tell her that he had a variety of branded handbags in possession which he wanted to sell in her shop. 

The owner, along with the second victim, then arranged to go to the stated apartment to view the bags. 

Meanwhile, the suspect called the accused, telling him that he had a ‘job’ which he could recommend to him.

On the day of the incident, the accused drove his accomplice to Whampoa Market to get the tools needed for the heist, including tapes, a knife and a pre-paid SIM card.

The two then headed to the condominium which they had rented. 

There, the suspect instructed the accused to tie the victims’ hands up and seal their mouths with tape during the robbery later. 

He also promised to give the accused half of the loot. 

After that, the two left to fetch the victims from Grand Hyatt Hotel to the condominium for the scheduled ‘viewing’.

When the two victims stepped into a bedroom in the apartment, the accused drew a knife and brandish it at the second victim’s throat, asking her to surrender her handbag.

When she did not comply, he punched her in her stomach and on the lips.

The accused then pushed the shop owner towards the bed and told her:

“If you try anything funny, I am capable of anything.”

The accused then tied the victims up with tape and gagged their mouths.

He also took photos of their National Registration Identity Cards (NRICs).

 The accused then attempted to extort S$100,000 in cash from the two victims, while telling them that there were ‘other men’ in the apartment, warning them not to try escaping.

The two victims tried to hide their branded watches, but the accused discovered their plot, and took away a Rolex watch worth S$31,000.

Finally the second victim relented, giving him a cheque amounting to S$100,000 .

The accused took the cheque to cash it out at a bank, while his accomplice kept watch on the two.

Two hours after the robbery, the victims were released, and warned not to call the police.

The accused and his accomplice also threatened to hurt them if they do, citing that they knew where the two lived from photos of their NRICs.