2 people jump off boat in attempt to illegally enter Singapore, 3 arrested

A 44-year-old Indonesian man, a 41-year-old Indonesian woman and a 39-year-old Malaysian man have been arrested for unlawful entry into Singapore.

On Jan 12 at 9.13pm, the Police Coast Guard (PCG) detected an unnumbered fiberglass boat at the sea off Eastern Buoy, Singapore with the aid of surveillance equipment.

Two people were observed to have jumped off the boat while one remained on board. A man who had jumped into the waters was later observed to have swum back to the boat.

PCG immediately intercepted the boat and arrested the Indonesian man and woman on board. The Malaysian man, believed to be the boatman, was later detained and arrested in the vicinity of the sea off Eastern Buoy.


Preliminary investigations revealed that the two Indonesian nationals had intended to illegally enter Malaysia via the boat steered by the Malaysian man to seek employment.

The Malaysian man is also being investigated for engaging in the business/trade of conveying illegal immigrants to Singapore.

They will be charged in court on Jan 14 with illegal entry into Singapore. If convicted, they will face a jail term of up to six months and caning of up to three strokes.

Anyone who engages in the business/trade of conveying illegal immigrants to Singapore will face a jail term between two and five years and caning of up to three strokes if convicted.

Commander of the PCG, Senior Assistant Commissioner of Cheang Keng Keong said: “PCG does not tolerate any illegal activities in Singapore waters.

"PCG will continue to work closely with other agencies to safeguard our waters and sea borders against crime and security threats, including unauthorised entry into and departure from Singapore”.