2-metre-long python seen coiled around motorcycle exhaust pipe at Pasir Ris void deck

Submitted by Stomper Khairul

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A python was seen coiled around the exhaust pipe of Stomper Khairul's motorcycle which was parked at the void deck of Block 233 Pasir Ris Drive 4 yesterday (Oct 12) at about 5.30pm.

Khairul took videos of the incident and shared them with Stomp.

In the first video, the snake was seen slithering along the floor of the HDB void deck as it was raining heavily.

The second video showed the snake coiled around the exhaust pipe of Khairul's motorcycle and not moving.

According to Khairul, he was walking towards his motorcycle when he came across the python on the floor of the void deck.

"Some residents said that the python had come from a staircase nearby," he said.

"It was behind the wall from where I parked my motorcycle.

"I observed it slowly move from the floor of the void deck towards my bike.

"It then coiled itself around the exhaust pipe of my bike and stayed there."

Stomp understands that the python was about two metres long.

The police were called for assistance and the snake was eventually removed.

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