2 men throw punches at each other as woman tries to stop them in Geylang coffee shop at 2.15am

Submitted by Stomper S

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Were they drunk?

Two men were caught on video throwing punches at each other at a Geylang coffee shop in the wee hours of the morning.

Sharing a one-minute video of the incident, Stomp S said it took place on Jan 16 at 2.15am.

The coffee shop is located on the corner of Geylang Road and Lor 27A Geylang.

"My neighborhood is not safe with such people causing a nuisance at this time," said the Stomper.

"I saw these drunk people fighting at a coffee shop right in front of my condo. This is not the first time. Luckily, I had my phone this time around to record this."

The video starts with a man in a black shirt chasing a man in white running away from the coffee shop.

A few seconds later, the man in white walked back to the coffee shop followed by the man in black who punched the face of the man in white.

A woman in a green top tried to hold back the man in black, but he followed the man in white back to the coffee shop and kept attacking him.

Eventually, the man in white fought back and threw a punch at the man in black. A chair was bumped onto the floor as the two wrestled with each other until other people in the coffee shop broke up the fight.

Stomp has contacted the police for more info.