2 men ignore CCTV, steal 150 baskets of vegetables from Holland Dr market in 2 months

Two men blatantly stole 150 baskets of vegetables from a stall at Holland Drive Market and Food Centre over two months, disregarding the surveillance cameras placed outside. 

The incident happened at Block 44, Holland Drive Market and Food Centre, between July and August this year. 

A 55-year-old stall owner told Shin Min Daily News that this incident marks the third in a spate of thefts from his stall just this month. 

The owner who also owns a fruit stall directly opposite his vegetable stall had installed 18 surveillance cameras around his stalls, which caught the two men taking baskets of vegetables in an early June morning, Aug 10, and Aug 28.

He said that he had discovered 45 baskets of vegetables missing as he was getting ready for business on Monday morning (Aug 28).

Alarmed, he quickly checked the surveillance cameras footage and realised that two men had taken the baskets, placed them on a trolley, before fleeing at about 1.57am the same morning.

The enraged owner who has been operating his stalls for over 20 years lamented having lost over 110 baskets on two prior incidents:

“I have placed surveillance camera at different angles and even put up warning signs telling people that the cameras are in operation.

“There are 18 cameras, and they still aren’t afraid at all.”

The two men were believed to have driven a lorry to a carpark behind the market, before loading the baskets onto the vehicle using a trolley. 

The whole process took less than five minutes. 

In response to media queries, a police spokesman confirmed the incident and said the incident was being investigated as a case of theft.