2 men arrested for stealing woman's bag at Orchard Road

Two men have been arrested for their suspected involvement in a theft case at Orchard Road.

The police said in a police release that a woman made a police report at 8.50pm on Feb 12, saying that her bag had been stolen.

She had placed the bag behind her while sitting at a shopping mall at Orchard Road.

She then discovered it was missing after turning around.

The bag contained credit cards and about $300 cash.

Tanglin Police Division officers identified the two suspects with the help of closed-circuit television footage.

They were arrested along Balestier Road on Feb 14.

Four handphones, believed to be fraudulently obtained, were seized from them, the police added.

The police said that the two men are believed to be involved in at least three other theft cases that took place at shopping malls located along Orchard Road and Harbourfront Walk on Feb 12 and 13.

If found guilty, they face up to three years' jail and/or a fine.

The police advised the public to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings and to safeguard their belongings in crowded areas, especially during this festive season.