2 men argue loudly in Jurong at 4am

Submitted by Stomper Red

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Two men were seen arguing loudly along the road, near Block 257 Jurong Street 24, at about 4am on Nov 30.

Stomper Red was cleaning his personal mobility device at home, when he heard loud shouts coming from downstairs.

He went to a window in his flat overlooking the incident to find out what was going on and saw a man in a grey shirt shouting at a man in a white shirt.

The video starts with one of them shouting in Mandarin: "Tell me! What did you say!"

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The man in grey, whom the Stomper believes is the passenger of the cab, approaches the other party, believed to be the driver, and stands extremely close to him.

The man in grey kicks an item on the ground, which the Stomper believes is money, away from him.

As the man in white walks towards the front of the taxi, the supposed passenger hits him below the chin and shoves him against the side of the vehicle.

The man, thought to be the driver, does not retaliate.

Soon, another man arrives to help diffuse the situation.

The video ends there.

Stomp understands that the police were called, but the men had already left when officers arrived at the scene.

The Stomper said: "The argument went on for about 10 more minutes after I stopped filming.

"When I left the house at about 6am to get breakfast, I saw the man who helped sitting at the void deck."