Woman killed in crash outside Istana: She had been planning to get married to BF

More details about the victims involved in an accident that occurred outside the Istana on Saturday morning (Dec 16) have emerged.

The fatal accident, which took place along Cavenagh Road at around 6am, left the 25-year-old car driver Khairul Anwar Mohd Sani and 21-year-old passenger Nurul Filzah dead.

Ms Filzah's boyfriend, 28-year-old Johari Shariff, was also a passenger in the car and survived. He suffered injuries on the face but is currently in a stable condition.

All three victims were acquainted with one another.

According to Shin Min Daily News, Ms Filzah was an arts student who had just started her internship as a receptionist a few days prior to the accident. She was also an only child.

Her mother and a male companion had visited Mr Shariff in the hospital, and both of them left in tears.

Mr Shariff's mother also tearfully told reporters: "[Nurul] was her only child!"

A friend said Ms Filzah and Mr Shariff had plans to get married.

Ms Filzah had attended a ball just before the tragedy, a relative told the media.

According to the relative, doctors said that Ms Filzah showed no signs of alcohol intoxication.

Her family are seeking more details about the accident.