M'sian Stomper looking for 2 guys who took $560 worth of computer products from JB's Danga City Mall store

Submitted by Stomper Celine

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Malaysian Stomper Celine is looking for two young men who took RM1,767 ($560) worth of merchandise from the store that she works at in Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru.

Celine, who is the operations manager at the store, shared footage of the men with Stomp.

At the time, she was busy counting stock and did not notice them.

In the video, the two of them can be seen looking at a wall of merchandise.

One of them reaches out to grab a box and tucks it under a shirt that he is holding in front of him.

He then returns and grabs two flat, long boxes and quickly walks out of the store to join his companion.

According to Celine, they made away with a Razer gaming headset worth 569RM and two Razer keyboards worth 1,198RM.

"We have another outlet in Johor Bahru City Square and the same two guys went there on the same day," said Celine.

"I want to share this to alert other shops as well."

Watch the video below.