2 boys ride on road without helmets on, Stomper wants to "let their parents know"

Submitted by Stomper YL

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Stomper YL was at Jurong East at 6.56pm yesterday (Jun 11) when she saw two boys riding on the road without helmets on.

In videos shared by YL, the two boys are each seen riding on what appears to be a power-assisted bicycle (PAB).

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YL said: "The two boys were riding without helmets on, from Jurong East all the way to Lakeside where they turned into Taman Jurong."

"Both of them seemed to be going faster than 50km/h and they were weaving through the traffic during peak hours.

"No cars dared to go near them.

"I am sharing this to let their parents know that they are riding so dangerously outside."

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA), PAB users must wear a suitable protective helmet.

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