2 arrested over Hougang fight: Man left 500m blood trail after 'showdown' with wife's 42-year-old lover

A fight between two men at Block 101 Hougang Avenue 1 on Sunday night (Feb 2) was reportedly sparked off by a love triangle involving a woman.

Stomp previously reported that police were alerted to the case of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapon occurred at 8.41pm.

Two men, aged 26 and 42, were nabbed. The younger man was subsequently taken to Sengkang General Hospital in a conscious state.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the 26-year-old man is the woman's husband while the 42-year-old man is suspected to be her lover. The woman is in her 20s.

The trio had met up for a 'showdown', but turned bloody when the two men got into an altercation.

The older man, who is of a bigger build, had brought along a kitchen knife while the other man had a blade with him.

Mr Zhang, 71, recounted seeing the trio in an argument.

He told Shin Min: "The two men were quarrelling while walking towards the carpark when one of them took out a kitchen knife from behind and brandished it at the other guy."

The younger man fell to the ground. He then got up, kicked his opponent, but fell down again.

He suffered injuries on his ear, shoulder and leg.

Meanwhile, the woman shouted for help and tried to stop the men, but to no avail. She was seen crying when police arrived at the scene and made the arrests.

The incident left a 500m blood trail from the carpark to the park connector.