19 vehicles caught beating red light after truck starts 'chain offence' in Jurong

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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You probably would have seen one or two cars speeding through a junction despite the traffic light being red.

But can you imagine stopping at a red light and seeing many vehicles just whiz past you?

Stomper Lee informed Stomp of an incident where 19 vehicles were caught beating the red light at Jurong Town Hall Road near Teban Flyover on Thursday (Sep 10) at 1.11pm.

He also sent a link to a Facebook post uploaded by ROADS.sg which shows video footage taken from an in-car camera.


The post even included the details of all the vehicles that beat the red light.

In the video, a heavy vehicle can be seen beating the red light first.

Other vehicles, including a number of motorcycles, taxis, vans and cars, can then be seen following suit.