$15 fish from Woodlands zichar stall is more crap than carp, says disappointed diner

Submitted by Stomper Tay

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A barbecued fish that Stomper Tay ordered from a zichar stall in Woodlands turned out to be measly considering its $15 price tag and left him with a bad taste taste in his mouth.

Tay and his girlfriend had visited the stall at 39 Woodlands Close for dinner last Sunday evening (Dec 22), at around 7.40pm.

According to Tay, Mega @ Woodlands, where the stall is located at, is in an industrial area but the coffee shop is open to the public on weekends.

Tay told Stomp: "We ordered a BBQ bamboo carp from a zichar stall for $15.

"The dish looked delicious and seemed to be full of meat when it arrived, covered with sambal chilli.

"But don't be deceived. The fish was mostly bones. I only had one small piece of meat while my girlfriend had two to three pieces.

"Usually, fish has a lot of meat in the middle part of the body but not this one."

A photo that Tay shared with Stomp shows a receipt for the $15 "BBQ BAMBOO CRAP FISH".

Tay, who decided not to inform the stall about his dissatisfaction, added: "What a crap fish indeed.

"The bad experience ruined my day."