13-year-old teen charged with rioting after playground fight, police operation underway to arrest other suspects

Submitted by Stomper Randy

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A teenager has been charged with rioting after his suspected involvement in a fight that broke out between two groups of youths in Bukit Panjang on Friday afternoon (June 26).

A police operation is underway to arrest the other suspects involved in the incident that occurred at Senja Road.

Stomper Randy alerted Stomp to a video that was taken at the scene and uploaded on Facebook.

A caption accompanying the 30-second video said: "A large group of police officers are investigating a fight that just happened."

In response to queries, the police told Stomp that they were alerted to two groups of youths fighting at a playground along Senja Road at 4.20pm.

"A 13-year-old male teenager was arrested on June 27 for his suspected involvement in the fight and was charged with rioting," said a police spokesman.

"A police operation is underway to arrest the other people involved in the case."

Investigations are ongoing.