12-year-old boy dies after fireworks explode in his face at Kuching home

A tragedy struck amidst the celebrations this Hari Raya. 

A 12-year-old Malaysian boy, Haiqal Hakim Zolpak, died after one of the fireworks that had failed to detonate earlier exploded in his face.

The incident happened at Kampung Bintawa Hilir, in Kuching, Malaysia on Jun 25, at around 12am, reports World of Buzz.

During the time of incident, the boy’s family members were at home. 

According to a witness, one of the fireworks was lighted but did not go off, and the victim went over to investigate. 

He apparently went closer to inspect the dud when it went off, exploding right in his face.

The victim sustained heavy injuries on his head, falling backwards.

The impact from the explosion reportedly blew his right eyeball out of his head.

His father heard a loud bang and rushed out, but it was too late. 

While villagers rushed to the aid of the family, the boy died before the arrival of the authorities. 

The police have confirmed the case and a special task force was dispatched to investigate the incident.

They hope to determine the type of fireworks and trace where the victim had gotten the fireworks from.