10 men on 'fast-moving craft' arrested for unlawful entry into Singapore

A total of ten men, aged between 20 and 44, were arrested for unlawful entry into Singapore on Jun 23.

They were arrested by the Police Coast Guard (PCG), with the help of Jurong Police Division, Gurkha Contingent (CG), and the Special Operations Command (SOC).

Officers from PCG first detected a fast-moving craft with ten men on board, heading towards Singapore, at about 7.25pm.

The craft came near to the shores of Tuas Reclaimed Land before it attempted to exit Singapore Territorial Waters.

Following the detection, both land and sea resources, including the Unmanned Aerial Vessel, were deployed to conduct a search in the vicinity of Tuas Reclaimed Land.

The ten men were then intercepted and subsequently arrested for unlawful entry into Singapore under the Immigration Act, Chapter 133.

Under the Immigration Act (Cap 133), the penalties for illegal entry are a jail term of up to six months and a minimum of three strokes of the cane.