$10? Man says he was 'overcharged' for this nasi padang meal

Submitted by Stomper Sivakumar

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Coffee shops are a great place to enjoy a wallet-friendly meal which is why a man was shocked when he was charged $10 for his order from a nasi padang stall.

Stomper Sivakumar said he visited a coffee shop at Tampines Street 81 on Friday (Aug 2) at about 10.30am to eat.

He ordered nasi (rice) with one helping of sotong (squid), long beans and petai (bitter beans).

"It cost me $10," he said.

"Where can I lodge a complaint about being overcharged?"

Sivakumar told Stomp that this is the most expensive nasi padang he has ever had.

"I once paid $8 for more items from a different stall," he said.

"This one should not have cost more than $7.

"They told me the sotong is $4 and the other $6 is for the rice and two vegetables."

He added that when he asked them why it was so expensive, they "didn't bother to explain" and he left shortly afterwards as did not want to "waste time".

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