SCDF rescue driver and passenger trapped in car after accident at Upper Thompson Rd

Update: The Singapore Civil Defence Force personnel rescued driver and passenger trapped inside a car after an accident at Upper Thomson Road.

Though it was initially reported that the top had been ripped off in the accident, Lexus Singapore has clarified that this was not the case.

A Lexus Singapore spokesperson explained that SCDF personnel had to manually cut the roof of the car open as the occupants were trapped inside.

"Both the driver and passenger were conveyed conscious to the hospital," added the spokesperson.

Original article:

A photo of the aftermath of the collision was shared on Fabrications About The PAP.

The image shows the Lexus lying on its side by the side of the road.

The engine cover is missing, and the top of the car has been ripped off.

The rear door has also been ripped off.

It is unclear when the accident happened, or what happened to the driver of the Lexus.