See how woman lays the smackdown on pervert who tries to grope her in lift in China

A video showing a woman beating the daylights out of a man who tried to molest her in a lift in China has recently gone viral.

The footage is reportedly taken from CCTV cameras on April 24 and was shared on China's social media site Weibo with thousands of views and comments.

The clip shows the woman looking at her phone in the lift while the man tries to get closer to her.

The woman moves away from the man and carries on using her phone.

He goes behind the woman again and puts his hand on her shoulder to reach down to her chest.

The woman pushes his hand away before slapping the man so hard that he falls into the corner of the lift.

As he starts to get up again, she kicks his crotch before kneeing him in the face.

The man then falls to the floor, the woman walks out when the elevator doors open.


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