Pervert chews his SD card after being confronted by girl for taking upskirt photos on Nanjing subway

A pervert was confronted for taking inappropriate photos of a woman on the subway in Nanjing, China on Apr 21.

People's Daily shared a YouTube video showing the confrontation by the young woman, who was having none of his excuses.

Her bravado was commended by hundreds of thousands of viewers after it was shared on China’s microblogging platform Weibo.

The woman shared the clip, calling for all women not to be afraid and that they should not tolerate such behaviour. 

She demanded that the man delete the photos, to which he denied taking at first. 

He managed to take the upskirt photos using his camera hidden in a black bag.

In the clip, the man kept mumbling, "okay, delete... delete..." while he took out his SD card and chewed it -- probably to destroy evidence.

The pervert then quickly exits the train and runs away. The report states that he was later detained by local police.