I cry when I read bad comments about me: Here's the personal side of 'Superstar Steven Lim' that is rarely seen

You have seen his crazy antics on television and on the Internet, but how is 'Superstar Steven Lim kor kor' really like behind the camera?

The Stomp Team recently made a trip down to Steven Lim's house (yes, that place where he makes his videos) to find out more about the life of the prominent local personality.

During the course of our conversation, we found out that unlike the artiste manager's crazy persona that viewers of his videos are used to, Steven Lim does actually have a soft side. 

The 40-year-old admitted that he feels 'emo' when he sees bad comments about him online and that he bottles up all that negativity and hate.

Steven also revealed that he can be quite an introvert at times, which is surprising considering how he had the gall to strip down to his underwear on national television.

If you have been tuning Steven's YouTube page and social media accounts, you would have probably heard of his big '9.5 pointer' girlfriend reveal at Cineleisure in August last year. 

In what would have been a perfect plot twist for a sad love story however, the bachelor dejectedly told us that the ending of his romantic tale was far from a happy one.

Alright, we will let the 'superstar' take it from here.

See a side of the Steven Lim you've never seen before in the video below.