Viral photo of woman in translucent dress on train: Here are clues on why it might have been edited

A photo showing a train commuter wearing a translucent dress went viral recently. However, Stomp's own checks showed indicators that the image may have been edited.

Although it is unclear who the original source for the photo is, it has been shared on Facebook pages such as All Singapore Stuff and

It shows a woman in a translucent and revealing dress, that drew a flurry of comments online.

However, Stomp's own checks on the image pointed to clues that it may have been edited.

Firstly, the woman's hand has a strange circular patch on it.

And the background behind the woman, showing the train station, looks warped as well.

Multiple marks on the floor around the woman, and on the leg of the commuter supposedly seated behind her, also indicate that the photo may have been edited.

So Stompers, what are your views on this photo? Share your comments with us.