Man looking for old friend whom he first met at Damien Centre Kindergarten about 30 years ago

Submitted by Stomper HK

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Stomper HK is looking for an old friend, Celestine whom he first met more than 30 years ago at Damien Centre Kindergarten. 

The two were good friends but lost contact after kindergarten .

Many later, in 2002, the two met at a club called Cream, along Riverwalk. 

Recognising each other, HK and Celestine started talking again, but once again, lost contact after his phone malfunctioned and had to be replaced.

Said HK:

“I was looking through some old photos and then I saw her photo again.

“I really feel like getting back in touch with her.”

If you are Celestine, or knows someone who might be Celestine, Kindly contact us at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.