Man in China cooks and eats his $1,400 pet arowana after it dies, says it's delicious

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July 12, 2022

Not wanting his dead pet silver arowana to “go to waste”, a man in Henan, China, decided to make a meal of it. Literally.

In the end, he said it was delicious, and praised the tender meat of the fish in a video.

According to Chinese media, the man bought the arowana, which typically goes for 6,700 yuan (S$1,400) to 10,000 yuan in China, three years ago.

The pet fish grew from around 10cm long to 30-40cm under his care.

Recently, however, the water pump in the fish tank became faulty, and didn't operate for five hours.

The man tried to save the fish by changing the water, but it was too late.

He then asked a fellow hobbyist what he should do with the dead arowana, and the person suggested steaming it.

Agreeing with the idea, the man chopped the fish up, put it in a steamer, and added a dash of condiments and spring onions on it.

The man commented in the video that it was "probably the most expensive fish" he had ever eaten.

The incident garnered much attention on Weibo, and many were surprised the man could stomach his beloved pet fish.

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